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The most important thing is that the effective date of the department is less than or equal to the effective date of the department tree.

At our company, we have numerous trees based on the region of the world and add new departments quite frequently so cloning new trees with each new department would not be feasible at all.

1) Add a department with the correct effective date, Add to tree and change date of the tree to match the new department. Pro- They always match Con- If you have a busy department create/inactive finance department you will have WAY TOO MANY TREES. Good for org that creates very few depts a year Con- may cause issues with committment accounting because dates are so far back dated (especially in Nov/Dec) 3) Quarterly Trees. Pro- Good for an organization that creates a few dept a month. 5) Random only no specific frequency..try to do them by looks like #1 if you looked at their trees. The reason is if when a company acquires a business unit, you could not ask the business to wait till next date for the department to be available to start putting employees in. I agree with AUTHITEM that it definitely would depend on your organization.

I've had clients up to 600,000 departments, so this method is NOT PRACTICAL 2) Create a new tree annually (1/1/20xx) and for the rest of the year ALL departments will be created with 1/1/20xx (or fiscally, depending on organization. Con- Not frequently enough for org that creates a bunch of depts every month 4) Monthly Trees. Having a lot of effective dated trees would be very confusing and difficult to manage.

Until that date, some other tree or no tree would be the current tree.

Having a lot of effective dated trees would be very confusing and difficult to manage.One thing I was considering, but have not yet tested, is to create a tree at the beginning of the year with an effective date of the end of the year.So on 1/1/11, create a new tree effective 12/31/11.Currently we have 567 distinct effective dates on PSTREENODE with 16 million of data rows.We currently create a new effective-dated tree to match the new department's effective date.

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) If a new dept is added with an effective date that is after the Tree effective date, then you have to add a new effective dated tree.

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