Rape victims of online dating

Be understanding and patient The most significant indicator of a past of sexual violence is perhaps an aversion to sexual or even emotional intimacy.

So if you feel that despite having a warm, fulfilling relationship otherwise, your partner - inexplicably - keeps avoiding intimacy with you, it could mean he/she has been hurt in the past.

It is essential that date rape victims seek counseling and continue counseling for as long as it takes to return to their healthy psychological state.

However don’t give way to insincerity since dishonest flattery will either make her more suspicious than before or lead to a false sense of security.

The essential thing is to keep reminding your partner that he/she is much more than a product of her painful past, that he/she has incredible potential and active possibilities to live a happy, meaningful life.

It's important to report the crime and this involves several tasks: When these date rape victims act calm and collected during this period of time, others may view them as not being traumatized or deeply affected by the event. Most likely, their bodies and minds have put coping mechanisms in place that are equally as powerful as the intense stress of the rape. Unfortunately, the family and close friends of these women may not believe her due to the common perception that date rape victims and victims of other types of rape should react hysterically to the event.

But date rape victims usually have an incredible amount of turmoil going on inside them.

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What you can do to in such a situation is to regularly appreciate your partner’s achievements and attributes – no matter how small they seem.

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