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Tango dating

Major sources for this information are Daniel Trenner's Spanish-English Dance Vocabulary, Cyber-Tango's FAQ - Definition of Tango Terms, Tango Times published by Danel and Maria, Mrs. Debbie Goodwin, señor Mario Poli, señor Alberto Paz, Mr. The man returns to outside right position and either continues the figure or walks the lady to the cross. Caminar — To walk: The walk is similar to a natural walking step, but placing the ball of the foot first instead of the heel.

Barbara Garvey, señora Nora Dinzelbacher, señor Orlando Paiva, Mrs. Sometimes taught that the body and leg must move as a unit so that the body is in balance over the forward foot.

Canyengue — A very old style of tango from the 1900s to the 1940s.

The music from this era had a faster or peppier 2/4 tempo so the dance had a rhythmic flavor similar to that of modern milonga.

Candombe — A type of dance originally danced by the descendants of black slaves in the Rio de la Plata region and still performed in Montevideo, Uruguay.A very close embrace was used as well as some unique posture and footwork elements. Also see Stephen Brown's Styles of Argentine Tango. It refers to somebody or something from the slums, i.e. It also describes a gathering where people from the slums dance.It is also a certain way to perform or dance the tango with a slum attitude.For instance right foot steps forward, left foot locks behind right. This can be done in single or double time, in one instance or repetitively. Crossed Feet — Occurs whenever the couple are stepping together on his and her right feet and then on his and her left feet, regardless of direction. Cruzada — From cruzar - to cross; the cross: A cruzada occurs any time a foot is crossed in front of or in back of the other. Large dramatic ones are used for stage or fantasia dancing, smaller softer versions occasionally in Salon style, and not used in Milonguero style at all. Cuatro — A figure created when the lady flicks her lower leg up the outside of the opposite leg, keeping her knees together, and briefly creating a numeral 4 in profile. A lifting of the lady’s foot with a gentle scooping motion by the man’s foot to the lady’s shoe, usually led during forward ochos to create a flicking motion of the lady’s leg. Cunita — Cradle: A forward and backward rocking step done in time with the music and with or without chiches, which is useful for marking time or changing direction in a small space. The figure may be danced into or out of at various points and is not always entered at the beginning and there are shortcuts within the 8-count basic.This can be led with a sacada or with an arrested rotational lead like a boleo, or it can be used, at the lady’s discretion, in place of a gancho or as an adornment after a gancho. This movement may be turned to the left or right, danced with either the left or right leg forward, and repeated as desired. For instance, the man may lead the lady from the cruzada at 5 directly to 2, or he may close his left foot to his right without weight on 7 and step side left directly to 2.

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This list is part of an ongoing effort to educate and assist the friends and enthusiasts of Sacramento Tango in their pursuit of the lovely dance called Tango. As an ongoing project, the effort may never be complete so additions, corrections, and suggestions will always be welcome. – Ed Loomis Pronunciation Guide: • In Buenos Aires 'll' or 'y' is pronounced 'zh', almost an English 'j'; • a 'qu' sounds like the 'c' in cat; • a 'z' is pronounced like 's'; • and a Spanish 'j' is a hard, throaty 'h' sound. Cambio — Change: as in cambio defrente, change of the front or face; or cambio parejas, change the couple (change partners). Caminando (Caminar) Valsiado — A crossing and walking step which the man initiates at 3 of the 8-count basic as he steps forward right in outside right position, pivoting to his right on his right foot and leading the lady to pivot on her left foot, stepping side left (side right for the lady) and drawing his right leg under him with weight (the lady mirroring with her left).

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