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What his campaign was particularly proud of, though, and it`s important metric, what he`s particularly proud of is how many different people sent Ben Carson money last quarter.

His campaign spokesperson telling the "AP" today that no other campaign will come even close to the number of donors that the Ben Carson campaign was able to tap for money in this past quarter.

Still stuff happening on the Republican side of the field even at this late date."Is this how even a reporter like Martha Raddatz is is going to be treated by this president?" "Wait, are we going to get a group apology from the President-elect...Jim Webb saying he would announce in a few days whether or not he was going to run for president. Today he announced boom, throw yourself into the closet. If you go to Jim Webb.com, what you`ll find is a very nicely organized, very well-designed website for a man named Jim Webb, who is not the same Jim Webb who is running for president. The other thing going on that`s of real interest right now on both sides of the aisle in the race is the money situation, Hillary Clinton announcing yesterday she`s raised million for her presidential campaign in the second quarter of this year, which just ended and that`s a lot of money.This Jim Webb, in fact, does Web site design and very well. All the obvious things you would choose as your campaign Web site go either nowhere or to an unrelated business or to The pro-Hillary folks said today if you combine the million in campaign money with the PAC money she`s raised, it`s more like million she`s raised in the last quarter. Everybody has the same deadlines in both parties, right?

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On the Democratic side of the field, though, there is also some action.

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